70% of my push-ups were BS

I started doing 100 push-ups every morning (well, 6 days a week) at the beginning of December 2023.

Shortly after new year's, I realized that the goal of doing a hundred per day was forcing me to do push-ups with bad form. If I dropped below the nice round number I told myself to hit, that would represent some failure.

I decided to try and improve my form. When I got up last Monday to do my push-ups, I let go of the hundred and resolved to do however many I could but with the right form, getting the most out of each one.

I only did 30! That means 70% of my push-ups were BS, and the fear of backward progress was really throwing me out of the process.

Once I can do a hundred of these push-ups, it'll be a hundred times sweeter.

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