Hello and welcome to Chernoff Music. I'm Will Chernoff, and this is my record label. I don't write to you in a fake third-person or get AI to spit stuff out, it's just you and me.

I make music that tells my life story. This label is a steward for the music, making it as fun and distinct as possible, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and we can connect over it.

I'm a Canadian dreamer. The great artists in my country deserve opportunity, so I'm out there in my local scene as often as I can, trying to contribute.

A bit about my background:

There's a Chernoff Music podcast network, check out our podcasts here.

Because I love to write, I have a blog here too on Thursdays called AABA where I follow the broader music business.

It's great to have you here, please enjoy these records. They're for you!

My type

Eager to try




Enjoys people

Life outside of music



Hi, artists

It doesn't always have to be hard. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make every single project. You don't need permission or funding.

Now, the thing about that is you might have to kill your ego. At Chernoff Music, I need to be an ego killer. I start with myself and share my mistakes with you along the way.

When you work to escape obligations and expectations, you can discover what you really want out of your work as an artist. I can't do any of these things:

  • get you a bunch of grants
  • put you on playlists
  • send you out on an expensive or glamorous tour
  • win you awards
  • make certain people like you

But I'm on a quest for the music that tells your life story, the stuff you'll carry forever. Until we meet again,