A windowed release for independent CD sales

The windowed release of my second album Maybe Eventually on CD has begun! I've distributed close to 50 copies already, working in advance of an official release. The widest opening of this early window came on Tuesday, when I announced it to the free weekly email at Rhythm Changes as well as on a new podcast episode.

On March 1, I had started to talk about the CD on social media after getting set with all copies in-hand. The exact windowing has been tough for me to decide. I know the order:

  1. Complimentary copies to the album's production team (along with a couple of their plus-ones) and VIP supporters of the project
  2. Comps to existing Rhythm Changes subscribers
  3. Offer: subscribe now to Rhythm Changes and get a CD before anyone else
  4. See if record shops around Metro Vancouver would like a couple copies, and mail to radio people who have shown interest in my work previously
  5. Sell from this website
  6. Add to Bandcamp as well on an official release date

I just don't know the dates yet for the back half of this plan.

When I do subscription offers at Rhythm Changes, my expectations are:

  • Zero uptake means "please play again"; no need to get discouraged, you always have to try things
  • One new subscriber means I'm on track
  • Multiple new subscribers is a win!

This one was a win.

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