Chris Fraser’s Instagram piece & my first moves

My friend Chris Fraser published a piece on his Substack on April 13: "I have 'demoted' Instagram from its previous role in my life, and I can't recommend it enough." Like all of Chris' writing, I found it enjoyable and insightful, and in response I thought of several things I'd like to change in how I use social media. I'm also working with a contributing writer at Rhythm Changes to publish a piece on a similar topic.

Here are the things I've already done since reading Chris' piece this past weekend:

  • deactivated my X account indefinitely, with a willingness to let it pass into deletion; the app had been doing nothing for me. It isn't an area that I'll invest my time into for the foreseeable future, so I had to let it go, sports takes be darned.
  • deactivated, temporarily, 3 of my Instagram accounts that I don't really need to use right now; we'll see about their fates in the near future. Additionally, I deleted 1 account I was squatting on that I hadn't developed and launched yet
  • deleted 1 Facebook Page I was squatting on that I hadn't developed and launched yet
  • removed the Facebook and Discord apps from my phone; I don't need these platforms for anything urgent, so using them in a browser on my PC works just fine.

More to come.

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