I love being called out. But...

On Jan. 3, I went to hear some music at a small but mighty series not far from where I live. As the livestream attests, they were generous enough to shout me out by name as well as shouting-out Rhythm Changes, simply because I showed up. I'm humbled to receive that acknowledgement.

The view from my early twenties would have been, "Hey! They called me out for my contributions. What I'm doing is so valuable. I'm the best."

Now, however, I think, "You know what would be even better? Being a regular at this place, such that calling me out would be weird or unnecessary."

Fortunately, the bar is quite reachable. I went again yesterday night, Wednesday, Jan. 10. One of my friends, who had moved back home after some years abroad, also attended both nights.

He asked me, "So do you go every Wednesday?"

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