Lifetime inventory

I'm at my low point of confidence with the Maybe Eventually CD release. Due to the slow start I've had, the path to breaking even on that product in 2024 now seems impossible.

Now, I have about as many CDs of Maybe Eventually as I do of Aim to Stay. Neither release has had the elements you'd draw up in the boardroom:

  • Aim to Stay came out in 2020, and I played no shows with the band following its release
  • Maybe Eventually came out as a digital-only release in 2022; I played many shows subsequent to that release, but I won't have any with the recorded trio now that the CD is coming out

That said, am I saddled with an unreasonable number of CDs at home? Not really. Looking at the quantities as my lifetime inventory from here on out, in fact, makes it feel pretty reasonable, and feels like a good cost to have acquired that inventory -- especially for Aim to Stay back in 2020.

Of course I'll want to sell and give copies of each album for years to come. I wouldn't want to look at, say, 1,000+ CDs as a lifetime inventory in my current position, but this quantity doesn't feel too bad. And hey: I could sell some more in the coming months, no doubt.

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