My podcasting corner of the world is heating up

I've been enjoying the discovery of some fellow podcasters' work lately.

Yesterday I discovered Jane Gowan and her Music Buddy podcast. I listened to her latest episode with guest Spencer Shewen from Mariposa and Riverfest Elora festivals (two that I missed out on playing with Early Spirit!) and two back-catalogue episodes: one with Eduardo Ottoni and James Ong, known for working with Coastal Jazz and who also happen to be Jane's version of Gabriel Dubreuil and Ben Kelly, it seems; and another with Alan Matheson, making me wonder if I'm off the hook from Wynston Minckler's suggestion on the RCP to have him on there soon.

There's a brand-new podcast called La Session with Marie-Jeanne Paquet, about Montreal musicians, that I'm worried is only on Spotify.

Jen Fritz's The FM Podcast is also in season again.

Every year, the intangible value of podcasting has become easier for me to feel. It's such a wonderful way to meet and get to know people, and you never know what the endeavour as a whole will throw your way over time.

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