How was the subscriber-only window of Maybe Eventually?

On Tuesday, I sent the free weekly email at Rhythm Changes containing an offer for Maybe Eventually CDs: buy now, ready to order from this website. It still feels like we're yet to have the official release date, but I did keep that window open for two weeks where only Rhythm Changes subscribers could get copies, and now I closed the window.

I wrote more about the windows back then, two weeks ago. So how'd it go? Well, some monthly subscribers joined in addition to annual. I can't tell how well it went until I see whether or not they stick around or churn after one month. In the case of the latter, that's equivalent on the Chernoff Music books to selling them a CD for $10, or 50% off. I'm willing to do that, but it wasn't quite the goal.

If I retain even 3 subscribers from that windowed release, I'd say that's a success.

As for my expectations now that they're on sale, I need to sell between 100 and 120 copies overall to break even this year. We'll see what this start brings.

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